As technology goes, how small is too small? When will the race to have the tiniest gadget end? My ipod scares me in all it’s anorexic tinytasticness. I think i would be more comfortable with it if it was the giant brick of a music player that my original dell was. That at least I could hold without fear of it slipping out of my less than dexterous fingers. But if i were to drop it, at least it would fall with an acceleration rate of -9.8 m/s^2. Meaning that for what could be my height of about 1.5 meters, jesus i don’t know how much that is, it would take about half a second to drop. I would test that, but that might have not so jolly consequences. Yeah, you’re right, i should be studying for my physics test, shouldn’t i?


2 Comments on “Hmm.”

  1. Hillary says:

    You mannaged to include both English and Physics! Kudos Shaunacy! Kudos!

  2. heidicanfly says:

    I don’t know, iPods aren’t that small compared with other brands– and that is rather scary. I’m more freaked out by those tiny earpiece cellphones, though.

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