Sighting of the Day

So this evening I was driving down Telephone, and as I stopped at the light to turn onto Victoria I looked over at the bus stop, as I occasionally do, because I occasionally see the weirdest things. And what do you know, today I was not disappointed. There was this woman and her toddler there, sitting at aforementioned bus stop. She was changing the girl’s diaper. I thought, “Hmm, what a weird place to change a diaper.” That was when I noticed the cigarette dangling from her lips as she leaned over her daughter. God bless second hand smoke. She also seemed to have snowboard boots on. How she managed to wobble over to the trash can clutching dirty diaper, large toddler, and cigarette successfully I do not know. In other news, people refuse to stop hacking into my AIM account. Dammit.


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