I swear it’s teenage mating season. Everyone is pairing up, sweet heyzoos. Let’s keep it in our pants, children, come on.


3 Comments on “Jeez.”

  1. Jacob Howeth says:

    Being single is great: no “Honey, I’m pregnant”s, babies, emotional dramas, financial burdens and commitments; best of all, the number of hours that I’m required to talk to a female at a time: zero. That’s right, no more need to listen to “Have you heard X’s latest comments about Y?”, or “Did you know that Y just broke up with Z?”

  2. shaunacy says:

    haha. indeed, i am no stranger to the low stress joy that is singularity. it’s not so much a lament as an observation.

  3. Diana says:

    they still do.
    i wish the mating season hasn’t caught up to me.

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