Stress is fun right?

105 hours, three tests, an essay, a catapult building, a solving of the world’s problems speech, two blogs, a short story, and a food oriented spanish-fest until break.


3 Comments on “Stress is fun right?”

  1. Jacob Howeth says:

    That’s a lot of work, but is any of it actually meaningful and applicable to reality? I’ve had a few teachers in the past assign ludicrous amounts of homework simply for the sake of their own sadism. Or how about those teachers that simply wanted to satisfy the state standard requirements? Were they really “teaching”, and were students learning? In addition to fascism (via corporations merging with government, ie. the Bush Administration), it seems that we are becoming a nation of workaholics. Ironically, I read an article that although the US tends to have some of the highest average work hours, productivity per work hours is lower here than in countries such as France. America needs a vacation; we need to seriously reassess what exactly we value most in our lives. Hopefully, it won’t be Britney Spear’s latest celebrity scandal, for surely, the paparazzi has obsessively categorized every such event; or how many pairs of “fashionable”, overpriced Versace skirts can be bought at the mall in one day; or watching the vapid, scripted lifestyles of unpleasant media byproducts in “reality” television shows.

  2. hillarychild says:

    My goodness Jacob! That’s not a comment, that’s another blog entry.

  3. Jacob Howeth says:

    Whoops, got a bit too carried away!

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