Post Thanksgiving…err..whatever you call this.

So. Last week was…yeah. I’m only just now figuring out which day of the week it is. Red Eye flights confuse me. I’m so tired of flight delays, you have no idea. I haven’t been on a plane that is on time in years it seems. Anyway, I felt if I spent the time doing all these things I might as well chronicle them for your “enjoyment.”

Anyway, so we left LA at like 11 pm and I slept the whole way there, so when I woke up in the cab at Columbia at 8 am I wasn’t completely lucid. Then there was the awkward “hello roomate of my sister’s I wish she would show up already” sitting in shane’s tiny room. Then the “hello shane now what are we doing” conversation, lunch, parental leaving for Woodstock (not where the concert was. disappointing. not disappointing enough to drive the 50 miles to where it actually was though.) and me going to Shane’s foreign policy class. It was exciting/infuriating that he talked for like 20 minutes about the economics that killed me in debate last week. When he mentioned cost-benefit analysis I think I might have laughed out loud. (no, I do not lol.) After Shane fell asleep and I stopped being able to focus and class ended we went to buy food for dorm room thanksgiving sandwiches. Also known as test #1 of Shaunacy wants herself some meat goddamn it. Then off to eat chemical frozen ….stuff and going to the Spec office and running into a girl I went to Latvia with in the elevator of Shane’s dorm and then I was bored and ready to sleep. I was in bed reading when drunken New Zealander bachelor number (2?3?) came in and decided that we were all going to some bar and I needed to get my ass out of bed. You can imagine how well this went over. But I’m suseptable to peer pressure, so my sister’s roomate and roomate’s brother and already drunk New Zealander and my sister and I ended up in a tiny dark club sitting next to some rowdy Germans. All in all, this turned out to be the most interesting thing that had happened all day, once the German girl started getting friendly and suddenly propositioned that if drunken New Zealand boy kissed drunken 40something German man, then the German girl would kiss him. Well who could resist a proposition like that? Then, not very attractive woman (who was involved in the German man German girl triangle of confusion) offered the same bargain, and to our suprise he also took advantage of this one. She was quite the character, with a book stuck down the back of her pants for no apparent reason. It seems like it was some sort of biography, like Shakespeare or something like that but I can’t remember who it was. Finally we dragged him away and we returned to the dorm at 2:30 or so.

 Later that morning….Shane woke me up at the ungodly hour of noon so we could catch our train across town at 1. This involved furious running up two flights of stairs with heavy (way heavy. (seriously, so heavy)) suitcase and jumping on the train before it left us. Trains have no consideration for me. It was seriously like half an hour before I was breathing normally again. The train got to Woodstock with no other incident, and we went haring off in the hearse of a rental car (it was straight out of harold and maude!) to el cabin in the woods.

Yeah so really those were the only things that I could pass off as interesting, so I’ll leave the rest at we went to the FDR house (saw his hair from his first haircut, gross) ate at a diner featured on the food channel (free pie!) watched an insane amount of the law and order marathon which caused me to alternate between very entertained and very pissed off (svu is good. ci makes me suicidal) and my Thanksgiving dinner consisted entirely of pie and mashed potatoes. The flight back was godawful, what else is new. (Sweet Jesus with a mohawk is 13 Going on 30 the worst movie ever or was it just me?)


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