Religion Of the Week. (I think we’re to week 4 by now.)

I skipped last week. So sue me. Last week’s religion was atheism I guess. Or for me, it was more like Thomas A Baileyism.

 Anyhoot, moving on. This week, I’m going to have to give kudos to the Jedi, if only because they got .7% of Britain to state Jedi as their religion on the 2001 Census. New Zealand had 1.5% Jedi, but we all knew those Kiwis were crazy. (Hey, just because I get facts from Wikipedia doesn’t make me a lesser person. Getting facts from Conservapedia would make me a lesser person.).

It also gets kudos for lightsabers. They rock my nerdy socks. It’s amazing how in depth the lightsaber section of the article is, actually. Apparently the purple one was Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite. Who knew?


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