Religion of the Week (Let’s call it week 7)

You may deem it relevent to question the method behind my madness. After all, nobody likes math. I don’t like math. So, what the heck, Shaunacy? I mean, what kind of holy text has answers in the back? But aha! Lo and behold, it only gives some of the answers. Like many religions, Calculus is enigmatic. It might tell you how to live–I mean solve–but the rest is essentially up to you. I’m not quite sure if Calculus has started any major wars yet, but I’m sure it has the power to. Like many religions, it annoys the crap out of me, yet I can see it’s value. And so, for the next week, I shall worship Calculus. (Conveniently, my Calculus final is over next Thursday. I’m counting on James Stewart to guide me through that. SHOW ME THE LIGHT!)


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