Religion of the Week: Sleep

We all want it; we all need it; we all can’t live without it. Just because I get what appears to be an obscene amount doesn’t make it any less amazing. 

Moving on. Reasons not to be emo 46-55:

46. Because I miraculously pulled an A on my Calc final after guessing on 98% of the problems.
47. Because the insane amount of time I spent studying fact patterns paid off.
48. Because I am 5/8ths done with high school.
49. Because I’m looking forward to Anti-Morp.
50. Because Alex’s tupperware didn’t mold in my car.
51. Because I can legally drive others.
52. Because I’m almost used to having 7 periods again.
53. Because after months of doing nothing but schoolwork, I suddenly have spare time on my hands.
54. Because the Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts they put out for Valentine’s Day are AMAZING.
55. Because I just realized 20 minutes ago that TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! 

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