Someday I’ll Get a Paycheck.

So almost 3 weeks after I was hired at the movie theater, they finally let me work yesterday. “Let me work” meaning gave me a tshirt and threw me into the snack bar with that oh so helpful “make the other people show you what to do” sort of direction. Which they sooort of did. I only screwed up one batch of popcorn. (that being the one that a customer ordered me to make while she waited for fresh snackage.) New knowledge: people actually buy all the expensive movie theater food. Even the hot dogs! Especially the hot dogs. Granted, as one of my coworkers noticed, this was one of the “most slowest” nights the theater had had. So I probably only had 2 or 3 hours of work to do in the 7 hours I was there. All in all, I’m tired. But at least I get free Icees and popcorn.


One Comment on “Someday I’ll Get a Paycheck.”

  1. Shane says:

    Gosh, you could be working at Skating Plus and have written the exact same post. These are things that I think, too. And I’ve screwed up more than one batch of popcorn. The smell is awful.

    We might just be related…

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