21 Days Until the Death of Summer.

I’m having stress dreams. I can’t escape school, even now. Apparently my subconscious is busy grappling with issues I did not know I had. Is that why I wake up tired?

On another note, the employees at Peet’s cannot remember my name. I simplify it for them, too. I’m in there at least twice a week if not more often. I even applied for a job there. Still, they tell me they cannot remember it. Bitches.

Oh, and you know what else? So Esther gets packages from Harvard and MIT. You want to know where I get college brochures sent from? THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI. I’m not feeling the prestigious university love, guys.


One Comment on “21 Days Until the Death of Summer.”

  1. Michael E. says:

    Oh, speaking of Peet’s forgetting people’s names, I forgot to tell you today that they changed my name to “Mitchell.” I mean, come on!, Michael is only like the 2nd most common name in the United States! Seriously, how hard can it be to pronounce?

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