New Shirt, Same Job.

I have been…cough erm uhh Honored I guess is the PC phrase…to be nominated to be a débutante. WHAT THE FUCK. (please refer to my last experience for more perspective) Jesus Christ with a mohawk on a bike, these people are off their hand calligraphied rockers and they want to stuff me in a wedding dress and parade me around. Alex said he’d be my date because he “wants to see me suffer.” What friends I have.

Other than that, I continue to slave away behind the pop corn popper and butter machine. Always with the concession! If I get one more request for “a soda” I’m going to kill some small child. Oh, what I’d do to be cleaning up cups of pee in dirty theaters at this point.

I’ve descended into madness in what is unrelated but not helped by my minimum wage food service pain. In 2 days I’ve gone from PMS moody bitch to legitimate moody bitch. I’ve found myself making faces periodically, and talking to myself in a way that’s far more Girl, Interrupted than Ferris Bueller. How on earth am I going to be able to handle going back to school when the stress of just existing is driving me over the edge?

My feet hurt and I’m going to go drown my sorrows in amazing.


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