More Angry Teenager Than Usual. (That’s a lot.)

School is back and I’m angry. I’m angry to be back in school, but I don’t get angry while going to school or about being at school per se. Nope, I’m angry in the sense that I hate everyone I see at school. If you’ve answered an in class essay or I’ve heard your voice, there’s a 3 to 1 chance that I’ve remarked to a close friend you lack the mental capacity to earn my acceptance of your existence. This is weird, because I should like all of my classes, since all of them include my closest friends. But no, instead I’m dragged down by the prescence of certain unmentionables who haven’t learned yet that they are contributing nothing to the class discussion by adding in dumb remarks or spending 5 minutes trying to get out a question peppered with 20 “likes.” And if I hear anyone remark that they love love loooooovve Danielle Steele, I might be forced to resign from humanity.


I’m sorry, I hate you. Check back in two weeks and we’ll see how I feel then.


One Comment on “More Angry Teenager Than Usual. (That’s a lot.)”

  1. Shane says:

    It’s funny, if you were to ask Captain, she is probably having the same reaction to your class. I think it’s a senior year thing. The friends get closer, the annoying ones more annoying.

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