Ego Boost of a Day

As of this moment, I’ve been accepted to 4/7 colleges I applied to. 3 I have yet to hear from.

So, Davis will give me money, Berkeley will give me 4 years in NorCal with lots of hobos at the best public school in the nation, Brandeis will give me an artsy fartsy small jewish liberal arts school degree in creative writing, and Northwestern will freeze off my toes and give me a large school experience with the top journalism program. I don’t know what I want anymore. Tell me what I want.


2 Comments on “Ego Boost of a Day”

  1. michaelos says:

    You are fortunate that you have so many great schools to choose from.

  2. Andy says:

    Berkeley isn’t just hobos D:
    It’s also cheese shoppes (spelled like that), originality, and a little bit of sketchiness.
    It doesn’t matter that much where you go though, if you plan to go on to graduate school (is there even graduate school for journalism?) so you should probably pick the area you want to be in most/campus you like the most.

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