Off to Buy Books!

Okay. So I’m sort of too lazy to rehash everything exciting that I’ve done since abandoning Ventucky. Suffice to say, the Freshman Urban Program was awesome! We went to a different part of Chicago every day and did 2 different community service sites, plus had a bunch of community organizers and urban issues experts come talk to us, and in general breathed, ate, and slept Chicago issues. Well, not so much slept because we didn’t sleep much but you know. I think I might join the community service organization at Northwestern now. When it was over it was like leaving summer camp, even though we were all leaving to go to the same school. Welcome Week is summer camp part two. Except not as fun. We have to go to things like “diversity seminars” and retarded little orientation things, but most of them are over by now.

I signed up for classes today. I had a late registration time so I knew I wouldn’t get Journalism, which was a bummer, but I thought it was a good way to take really different classes. Unfortunately I didn’t get into half my top choices.  But I’m taking Russian, Russian Film, Astronomy, and Islamic/Muslim Civilizations, so I’m excited.

I’m loving the campus. I’m in a really convenient location, (made my way to  I find it hard to imagine how I’m going to find my way into Chicago when I don’t even know how I’m going to get to know all of Northwestern. I went on a library tour today. I felt really nerdy but it’s so weird and it’s circular and has towers and I don’t know how I’ll find anything there! I’m also missing all of the Northwestern Welcome Week stuff in favor of my dorm’s activities, because they usually offer food. But that means I haven’t seen a lot of my non CRC friends, and that I don’t go out much at night. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of a college party, but I have seen games of Munchkin. It’s pretty much high school part two. I don’t know if that means I’ve found where I belong or if that’s bad. I also went to see a Harry Potter expert speak yesterday as part of the Welcome Week Activities. OHMYGOD. Dorkiest experience of my life–and that’s saying something. The questions some people had were insane! I loved it.

I’ll take some pictures and upload them later. You know, once my package with my usb cable comes in.


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