Things I Should Accomplish This Weekend

1. Make (start…) a study guide for Islamic Civilization

2. Print/highlight/read all the articles from this quarter’s Russian Film readings

3. Play guitar. Learn new song.

4. Visit the Threadless store.

5. Go somewhere FUP-approved in Chicago. aka somewhere interesting.

6. vacuum room.

7. Watch a movie.

8. Do Christmas shopping.

9. Sleep.

10. Catch up on the Office.

11. Eat normal people food.

12. See a musical performance.

14. Write a rap that isn’t as crappy as my usual ones.

15. Read my book not required for class.


One Comment on “Things I Should Accomplish This Weekend”

  1. LD says:

    I think you should save #4 until next week so that I can come too, yes/yes?

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