Things I like to put in lists. (a post from paris!)

I believe in alliteration.

I believe in saying please and thank you and being nice to low paid service workers, even and especially when they fuck something up for you.

I believe in looking absolutely ridiculous in every single picture I appear in.

I believe fuck is a wonderous adjective, and a good interjection, but usually not a good verb.

I believe in hyperlinking.

I believe in sad songs.

I believe that in some cases, stalking is hilarious.

I believe that sometimes you just have to suck it up and clean other people’s hair out of the drain.

I believe in coffee shops on rainy days, and in paying $6 for a latte and the privilege to lounge around somewhere with cool music and free wifi.

I believe your decisions in snack foods can make you friends.

I believe in faking it till you make it.

I believe in life’s small comedies, bad jokes, and that you should regularly laugh until you have to start looking around for a trash can in case you vomit.

I believe in proper grammer in your first language, and accidents like “I am a pencil” in your second.

I believe in sober dance parties.

I believe in the random selection of albums based on their covers, but of the careful overanalytical creation of mix cds.

I believe in taking stairs two at a time.

I believe in Lonely Planet’s ability to steer me wherever I want to go.

I believe in creating lists and then forgetting about them for a month before posting them.

One year down, a few more to go. Happy New Year.


One Comment on “Things I like to put in lists. (a post from paris!)”

  1. Mom says:

    I believe in posting on my daughter’s blog because I find her extraordinary

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