My Plan:

This weekend is Dance Marathon. 30 hours of being locked in a tent (on the nicest weekend all quarter…) with no access to caffeine will no doubt result in me losing whatever shred of sanity I have left at this point. I’m terrified. But I think it will be an interesting experience to look at from a well-rested vantage point, so, therefore, I’m going to TWEET SHIT UP.

i.e. I finally figured out how to update my Twitter status from my phone, so I’m bringing the Twitter sidebar back to the blog, and until my phone runs out of battery or I drop dead (which one is more likely?) I’ll be updating you on my mental health from about 5 pm tomorrow all the way until the wee hours of Sunday morning.


You can also experience the general pain and joy at and I’m pretty sure there’s a live video going on.


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