Dear family, friends, and occasional internet rando:

This is my shameless plug asking you for money. It’s not for the children, or homeless people, or cancer survivors. It’s for me.

NBN is broke. While the Daily is sitting on its cushy University funded ass, we’re printing a shiny magazine once a quarter that sucks money like a spoiled Hollywood starlet. Last quarter, my story for said money-sucking magazine, in all its glory, didn’t get printed because we didn’t have the funds to pay for all the pages.

No one else on campus is going to support my need to write things like Snuggie love stories or COMPLETELY FICTIONAL accounts of using public bathrooms. So if you would like to continue to read such nonsense, donate a couple bucks to us via Paypal. Maybe subscribe to said pretty magazine.

Thank you. You can go back to Googling cute kittens now.

PS: to my father — NBN=Clips=internships=maybesomeonewillpaymesomeday


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