The Wrong Stuff

I was bouncing around on Slate this morning when I came across The Wrong Stuff, a series of a bunch of Q&As with interesting people about their relationship to being wrong. (The one linked is from Ira Glass)

I don’t know what my relationship to being wrong is. I’ve spent my whole life going to school, where being right is pretty much the desired result. My current career path is one that demands accuracy in every sense, from true to life descriptions to spelling things correctly to realizing that 200,000 is not the same as 2,000. I am embarrassed by wrongness probably more than anything else — well, I suppose that and unexpected nudity, but the former happens a whole lot more — and thus try to avoid it/cover it up at all costs. But it’s also a fact of life.

So there’s that.

Also the guy working the register at Edzo’s today critiqued my cough while I was trying to buy a burger. So maybe I do that wrong, too.


One Comment on “The Wrong Stuff”

  1. G Joyce says:

    How do you critique a cough? Unless you’re a Pre-Med student? I am now on Facebook. Hah!

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