Adventures in Russia!

Thanks to the language grant I received for my trip to Russia this summer, I have a new study abroad blog! You can find it here. I’ll be posting regularly about any excitement that occurs starting around June 7th, when I’ll be jetting out of Illinois for the great unknown.

For a fun tidbit from Russia, I suggest you look here, at this Petite Giraffe live webcam stream?


One Comment on “Adventures in Russia!”

  1. Joyce Ferro says:

    t least you’ll be there in summer!Hope you find it all you expect. Borcht ? ( sp.?) Beets? Is this the fussy eater I remember? Have some caviar for me! Who knows, they might even subject you to mayonaise. Russian babies are probably as “gross” as any others. Have a great time–and hurry back! Love, G-Joyce.

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