It’s finally fall for real.

It’s probably because I’m from a part of California where “weather” means sunshine and wildfires, but I kind of love storms. It’s gray, it’s wet, I can’t feel my hands when I come home and my screen door keeps blowing open and closed violently in the wind. But at least it’s interesting. I like the way the wet leaves make imprints on the wet sidewalk and the way all the streets shine as puddles throw headlights back at the cars. It’s the perfect curl up on my couch with a book and coffee weather. And hey, I like the challenge of being blown backwards by the wind on my walk to any given destination.


2 Comments on “It’s finally fall for real.”

  1. G-Joyce says:

    Got snow? It was 80′ yesterday at Tamie’s shower. Heh, heh.

  2. shaunacy says:

    No snow here! Still rain!

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