Sometimes truth sounds like fiction

“You know what my favorite sound is? It’s when you’re writing on a sheet of a paper on a glass paper and it’s like ‘chik chik chik’ and you can hear the individual pencil strokes.”

Someone said this to me yesterday, and I couldn’t help but thinking “I wish I had written that character.” It’s times like this that I have no qualms about my journalism and creative nonfiction majors. Sometimes life just needs to be written down.


2 Comments on “Sometimes truth sounds like fiction”

  1. Dan says:

    nick once emailed me a song and said it made him feel like “a guy remembering how, even on a sunny day, it’s just not quite as sunny; or a guy wondering if he’s crazy to think that, or if things just used to look sunnier to him.”

    i think there’s an inherent level of “i wish i had written that” in being a “successful” “writer,” whatever either of those words mean.

  2. G-Joyce says:

    Bravo, Shaunacy! Love the quote that “Sometimes Life just needs to be written down”! That’s what good writers do. Somebody’s gotta do it!

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