I don’t do much blogging anymore. But I do read a lot of blogs. I share a lot of links on my Twitter feed. I poke and prod into the corners of the internet, and often come out with something I think is cool enough to show my friends. Tumblr is a great resource for that sort of thing. Blogging has become curating more than generating. Where does my lonely little WordPress fit in? I don’t know. But here’s this cool thing I read:

Every really good creative person…whom I have ever known has always had two noticeable characteristics. First, there was no subject under the sun in which he could not easily get interested-from, say, Egyptian burial customs to modern art. Every facet of life had fascination for him. Second, he was an extensive browser in all sorts of fields of information. For it is with the [creative] man as with the cow: no browsing, no milk.
James Webb Young, writing in his 1939 guide to producing ideas, articulates a timeless truth about the relationship between curiosity and creativity.

It’s from this blog, curated by master of internet curation Maria Popova. It’s part of Lore, which is an online sharing tool for classes that we use in my Interactive News class.  Weird intersection.


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  1. Mom says:

    The link takes me back to your blog ?????

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