Medill Equal Media Project

Check out this project I’ve been fact-checking for! It’s an in-depth look at the election through the lens of LGBT issues. Our editor-in-chief had a great post on The Advocate today about why it matters.


Get a magazine; read things.

The NBN magazine is out today! I wrote a feature about student entrepreneurs that you can read here.

The NBN freshman housing guide has been revived from the dead, two years after it was last updated, a little less than a year since our redesign lost all the archived guides to internet purgatory.

Even if you’re not a future Northwestern freshman, it’s still really cool. It was built in Java by our current multimedia whiz, and a lot of people poured time and effort into it that have essentially no vested interest in whether freshmen make an educated decision about their housing.

Not surprisingly, internet-commenter backlash about a few bugs and mistakes went wild yesterday. The internet loves to call people out on their mistakes, usually with very little appreciation for the work that people pour into the content they post. But hey, give the kids some credit. In the grand scheme of things, I think I’d rather have something awesome and cutting-edge with a few technical quirks than something that works perfectly but brings nothing new to the table.

Because we’re still students. We’re allowed to have big dreams and imperfect execution. So be patient if things scroll weirdly.

The Huffington Post and other less exciting places to read my writing

The Huffington Post reached out to NBN and asked to publish my piece on contraception as a start to a partnership with our site. You can see it here. When I wrote the piece a few weeks ago, I thought the news had already passed, and that I was late to the game. I almost didn’t write it at all, because I didn’t think it was timely anymore. While it’s great that a professional publication wants to publish something that I wrote, it’s sad that we still have to talk about this. It’s sad that since I wrote this, it’s become an even bigger issue. It’s a reminder that equal rights are not something that we can passively expect, but something we have to constantly demand.

In lighter news, the North by Northwestern magazine came out last week, and it’s beautiful. You can take a look at the PDF here. I only served as a writer this quarter, but the staff did a fantastic job. You can read about my computer struggles and my thoughts on the OkCupid profile-writing process, then read about the science of online dating.


On Lady Business

This week: applying for internships, cranking out papers, occasionally doing some reading on pre-revolution Russian terrorists, talking ’bout birth control. Thank god it’s such a good opportunity for humor, huh? Oh, did I mean to link to this?

Regarding Andrea Mitchell, I’m not sure whether to applaud her for maintaining some sense of objectivity in the face of blatant offensiveness, wonder if she would have reached over and slapped him if he had been in the same room as her, or be disappointed that her immediate response wasn’t more scathing. I guess she knew enough to let the internet do the work for her.

[Note: make comments here, not on NBN. Otherwise all the editors laugh at me during meetings.]

Latest writings

I wrote a few things on NBN this week:

How I feel about a certain new taco place.

The latest news on Northwestern’s Living Wage Campaign.

A morbid essay on death and walking through crosswalks.


I have a short piece in the FYI section of Popular Science magazine’s January issue. It’s about books! And science! Go grab a copy.

Update: it’s online at