Photodiary: Day 22

My parents took me out for a "birthday" dinner. None of the pictures on the walls of the restaurant were straight.


Photodiary: Day 21

Laziness prevails: a cell phone picture. Went to my first high school baseball game. Had never considered the weirdness of the cougar mascot until I saw mothers sporting the sweatshirts.

Photodiary: Day 20

Michael and I jump started his car.

Photodiary: Day 19

The moon is nice tonight.

Light pollution

Photodiary: Day 18

Me, Olive, and Twin Peaks. Favorites.

Photodiary Day 17: Christmas Eve Edition

Christmas in the Ferro household. I have no idea what was on that iPhone, but it looks like it might be something scary. Or really cute?

Photodiary: Day 16: Making up for lateness with many more photos.

Riley and I watched the Rugrats.

Then Hansie and I went to the Cross for some sunset pics.

Money quote from Alex: "I didn't realize it went down so fast!"

Later I found myself being driven to IHOP for bacon.

IHOP, where I tried to order the pancake special without the pancakes.

I don't know why I didn't take pictures of anyone else other than Andy and Phillip. But I didn't.