North by Northwestern wins a Pacemaker!

For both the website and the magazine. Rock on, lil journo-friends.  


To whimsy, forever

Hinman residents turn dorm room into a ball pit from North by Northwestern on Vimeo.


What my college experience is missing.

21st century politics

There are worse ideas to be had than campaigning in memes. While I’d like the image of cowboy Barry to show up more often, I think this one is definitely the path to donation: is changing!

Exciting news. I have been working on a new portfolio website, which will soon be linked to You’ll still be able to find my blog at

Fun facts of the day: Who manages the internet?

And more importantly, who upgrades it?

The best thing I’ve found on the internet today

GZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan, is merging science writing and rap with a series of albums about dark matter and the ocean and all that other stuff I really like.

This and only this, now and forever.