This is an incomplete collection of some of the things I’ve written.

Newcity Magazine: Chicago, IL

Music: The Wiyos, The Shiver, Summer Music Guide
Art: Rolling Heads: How The Industry of the Ordinary mash-flobbed the MCA
Living Art: What’s a vegan to do about tattoo ink?
The Boys of Sliotar: They make you wanna hurl
Arcade Heroes: Chicago’s family of pinball wizards flip the good flip.

The Ventura County Reporter: Ventura, CA

Feature: A timeless affair
Political News: A Voice for Pets in Sacramento
News: Farmworker Union Says “Take Our Jobs”, New County Charter Schools Provide Options for Parents From Ventura to Africa, Port Hueneme Murder Remains Unsolved
Arts & Culture: Dog Fancy
Restaurant Review: Sicily by Gino

North by Northwestern: Evanston, IL

Engineering Innovation, Pop a Wheelie
Stay Classy, Taylor Swift
Profile: Los Campesinos, Small Sins
Q&A: Diamond Rings, Aziz Ansari
Film Review: MacGruber
Obama in Chicago
NSTV Stand-up Slideshow
Conan O’Brien Day

The Rock Blog:
March 2010 – June 2010
Multimedia: Postcards of Sorts
Nonfiction: Nosing Out Adventure, A Brief History of Roller Skating, Service with a Smile, The Dog Always Dies
Fiction: Invasion Alert, Money-back Guarantee, Kansas Hustle
Poetry: Soft Signs, Lemon Tree Lunch


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