Spring Break: a photoessay

Seven girls; eight days; nine car-hours away. On a trip with four DSLRs, I opted to not carry my camera every day. But here are some of the things I did capture.


Northwestern has closed its doors 5 times in history because of snow

This is one of those times.

This is officially my first blizzard. I spent last night eating King Cake, catching up on homework, drinking margarita mix and talking about secrets. Today, we can barely open the doors to CRC wide enough to leave, and it’s expected to get bitterly cold soon. The snow is piled up in huge mounds. As of this morning, they’ve closed the gym and the health services building because no one can get to them, anyway.

Blizzards are awesome, yo.

And now we’re making muffins!

Nolan did this instead of homework. Go Nolan.

Remember: you cannot argue with Lindsey. You can, however, take advantage of the 2-red bathroom for all your multimedia needs. I know I do.