iTunes Shame

I’ve talked a lot about the silliness of my top played songs on iTunes. Taylor Swift is prominently featured. Songs I couldn’t even identify if they came up on the radio sometimes make it on there. Most the songs on the list made it up there with only 8 or 9 plays. But I think it’s an interesting study in how my musical listening patterns work. Mostly that I listen to the same artists over and over and over again. I swear, I have CDs other than Tegan and Sara. Really. But as of today, this is the status of what The Man tells me I listen to. I tried to attach mp3 or video as they were available. It didn’t always work out for me.

1. Cars and Telephones by Arcade Fire

Okay, I really love this song. The first time I listened to it I was a little disappointed–it’s so slow and plain. But on the second or third listen, I realized it’s neither. It’s just kind of subtle. If I’m in the mood for a specific song, it’s probably this one.

2. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Have you read my Pop Culture Confessional? If I need catchy happy pop, here it is.

3. Laughing with a Mouth of Blood by St. Vincent

Seeing her in two weeks!!!

4. A Little Bit Cooler by Cool Kids

Does that belt say Star Wars? This is my favorite song to rapper-hands-dance to.

5. What Up Man by Cool Kids

Inspiration for our spoken-word techno band.

6. Do You Love Me? by Clem Snide

Rocket Science. Enough said.

7.  Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

I’ve seen this music video like 10 times. (So have you, there was no reason for me to link it) Nolan and I have had at least one late night dance party in my room to it, too. I blame its placement on this list on other people using my computer.

8. Lessons Learned by Matt and Kim

Thinking that tomorrow won’t change how I feel today. Welcome to last summer.

9. Minding My Own Business by Coconut Records

I like this song, but I didn’t realize I liked it that much. I think when I had my “indie rock” playlist I randomly clicked on songs just to get it going, and happened to pick the same one a lot. But it’s got an awesome rhythm to it.

10. And Darling by Tegan and Sara

Speaking of concerts I’m paying too much for…

11. Paris Is Burning by St. Vincent

I think I actually like this one better than Laughing With a Mouth of Blood, so I’m not sure how this happened. I find it mesmerizing, vocally and rhythmically and musically.

12. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) by Arcade Fire

Pitchfork had this as one of the top 20 songs of the decade. Sometimes Pitchfork says sensible things. I would love to build a tunnel.

13. Rocks and Daggers by Noah and the Whale

This is such an upbeat little song. I feel like it should be the soundtrack of some part of a cartoon.

14. The Strangers by St. Vincent

I love the end of this song when it picks up the pace and just becomes this mess of awesome.

15. Save Me From What I Want by St. Vincent

I had a St. Vincent playlist for a while. I think the amount of St. Vincent on this list merely reflects my arbitrary clicking on that playlist for a few weeks. She reminds me of old music, Paris, and being classy.

16. Sheets by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara express the creepy, stalkerish tendencies of love like no one else.

17. Nighttiming by Coconut Records

Sometimes I forget how fun Jason Schwartzman is.

18. Don’t Slow Down by Matt and Kim

Dance time? YES.

19. Mike Modrak by Michael Cera

Paper Heart soundtrack? Best study music ever.

20. Braile by Regina Spektor

Sad. Slow. Pretty. It makes me wish I could sing.

21. Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place) by Arcade Fire

I have a weird love for covers.

22. Handlebars by Flobots

I probably should be ashamed of this one. But sometimes it’s just so, so catchy. I tried to learn the guitar riff from it, and hence listened to it like 20 times. But I like the animation in the video. For some reason it reminds me of Waltz With Bashir, though they aren’t really similar.

23. Daylight by Matt and Kim

I feel obliged to sing along with this song, even the parts that aren’t words. You don’t know what happy looks like till you watch this video.

24. Actor Out of Work by St. Vincent

Angry? Happy? Both? Can’t tell.

25. Don’t Rush by Tegan and Sara

I don’t get the lyrics, but the riff is cool.