Pinball and bluegrass

Have you picked up a copy of Newcity this week?

I had an exciting week at my internship, involving a rendezvous with two of the world’s top pinball players and an interview with a wonderful indie rock/bluegrass/folk type of band. A combination of all the things I love about journalism.

Chicago friends, if you want to come see the Wiyos with me at SPACE on Tuesday, let me know. Tickets are cheap.


More: an album review

Check out this new album from The Shivers, an indie-rock duo from Queens. You can listen to their new single here.

Some Newcity blurbs

Things I wrote about this week:

A Hip-Hop Teach-in

Mother’s Day at the Movies

If you’re in the Chicago area, go check these out. Mommie Dearest especially should be a blast.