New things

I finally got off my ass and published a few things on NBN. On the same day.

I interviewed the main Chemistry demonstrator who puts on an explosion-filled show every year on Halloween. He offered me advice on love and donuts. That didn’t make it into the article: Eberhard Halloween Show Preview.

There’s also a fiction sketch I wrote for my writing class about a white-boy rapper: Kansas Hustle


Rap Update Week 37

Rap Update Week 36

Rap Update Week 35

I’d like to think the words “short and sweet” might apply to this one.

Rap Update Week 34

Due to familial pressure, I’ve returned to the land of embarrassing Youtube videos of me yelling at my computer from in my dorm room. We’ll pretend some of this makes sense.

Rap Update Week 33

Dude, my soulmate might be a Fox News Weatherman

Has this guy been reading my blog? He has the same non-rhythm and awkwardness as me. I don’t know whether to accuse them of plagiarism or apply for a job.

But Dad, this is finally an answer to your “How are you going to make money in journalism?” question.