Photodiary: Day 5

I spent my morning making борщ, a beet and cabbage soup. I just want my house to smell like Russia. The answer: more dill.


Back to the grind

I’m back in Evanston, trying to convince myself that homework is mandatory while spending hours talking to the cable people on the phone. But that also means the return of a semi-regular writing schedule!

If you didn’t read it on my study abroad blog, my first NBN essay of the quarter is online.

Shaunacy in Russia!

Don’t forget you can read my study abroad blog this summer at


Update: The Office of Undergraduate Research no longer hosts my original study abroad blog. But if you do want to find it, it’s archived in this PDF

Adventures in Russia!

Thanks to the language grant I received for my trip to Russia this summer, I have a new study abroad blog! You can find it here. I’ll be posting regularly about any excitement that occurs starting around June 7th, when I’ll be jetting out of Illinois for the great unknown.

For a fun tidbit from Russia, I suggest you look here, at this Petite Giraffe live webcam stream?